Australia & New Zealand
About U-Dynamics Precision Marketing

U-Dynamics has over 10 years experience designing, deploying and running leading loyalty programs and customer engagement solutions for a wide range of businesses across markets in Asia and the Pacific.

Many of these schemes leverage U-Dynamics significant marketing expertise driven by data mining and precision marketing to provide a superior return on investment.

A key focus is the lifetime value of our clients customers and we routinely see 15%+ increases in sales revenue by deploying our solutions and services.

U-Dynamics powers over 5 million customer interactions per week and with it's parent company has a reach exceeding 40 million shoppers.

U-Dynamics parent company is Omni Marketing Group. Omni Marketing Group has revenues exceeding $100M USD/year and employs close to 10,000 people.

We have the staff, technology and experience to make you succeed, to learn more contact us today.